Fix & Flips Construction 

Fix & Flip and Construction Loans

What are Fix and Flip Loans?

Fix and Flip loans provide short-term financing for real estate investors to buy and renovate properties for resale. These loans allow investors to purchase a home, make renovations or repairs, and then quickly sell the property for a profit.

Key Features:

- Investment Purpose: The loans are solely for financing Fix and Flips, not for personal home purchases.

- Short Term: Typically 6-18 months to purchase, rehab, and resell. 

- Renovation Costs Covered: The loan provides capital for acquisition and renovations.

- Flexible Funding: Investors can draw down funds as needed during the project.

- Higher Interest Rates: Lenders price in the short-term and investment use.

The goal of a Fix and Flip loan is to take an outdated or distressed property and transform it into a renovated, profitable asset for resale. With access to capital and an exit strategy, investors can execute deals and generate returns from improving properties. The short duration and flexibility provide key advantages over traditional mortgages.

At Legacy Capital Resources, we have partnered with a Hard Money Lender for longer-term loans such as Fix & Flips, Construction, Rental and DSCR. Click the link below to visit our dedicated website to learn more about these Programs and get pre-qualified.

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